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The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was a classic computer launched in 1982. Its sound and colour graphics tied to its low price attracted millions. Its simplicity allowed clones to be developed (legal and otherwise), increasing its popularity across the world. That simplicity and the Speccy's continued sense of fun make it a popular target for emulation today. Such is people's affection for this simple computer that people are still writing games for it today. Now Cyningstan has joined them.

The most popular genres of game for systems like these emphasise fast-moving gameplay, like shoot-em-ups and platformers. But at Cyningstan we're getting old, and prefer a slower pace of game. So our output is more likely to consist of slower-paced genres: strategy games, puzzles and turn-based graphical adventure and role-playing games. We're also starting out by targetting the 16K model. Not only does this smallest model of Spectrum need more love, but it also forces us to keep our ideas simple and our gameplay straightforward. But, as you can see from the screen shots on this site, that doesn't mean that we have to skimp on presentation.

If you want to get in touch with us, you can email us or visit our Twitter page.

Latest News

Intergalactic Space Rescue for the ZX81 (17 Apr 13): Gaál Zsolt has ported Intergalactic Space Rescue to the ZX81! If you have a ZX81 equipped with the WRX high-resolution graphics, or a ZX81 emulator that supports the expansion, you can download a ZIP archive containing the tape and the modified source code from the Intergalactic Space Rescue page on this site. (read more)


Oh no, not again. Another necromancer has set up home in the village Ossuary, the impressive underground cemetery in which the villagers have interred their dead for centuries. Not only has he animated the bodies of the dead to serve as his friends, but he has also enchanted and enlarged the once natural creatures who had made their home under the vaults, and has them wandering around as guard animals and pets. All this does nothing for the dignity of funerals and other ceremonies the villagers are still trying to hold down there.

So they've asked you, a young travelling hero trying to make your fortune, to help rid them of this nuisance. What you lack in experience you make up for in enthusiasm and willingness to put your life at risk for... well, for gold, basically. And as your reward the villagers will give you any treasure that you can carry out of the Ossuary with you. And being an adventuring hero, you can carry a lot.

Every game of Ossuary will be different. The 24 levels of the Ossuary are laid out at random. While each successive level will be harder, the appearance of different kinds of creatures, and the weapons and other items you will need to deal with them, may be earlier or later from game to game. Your hero will be different too: sometimes he'll be more proficient with a sword, while in other games, better at magic. So you'll be able to play this again and again.

Released 18th March 2013, available here.

Intergalactic Space Rescue

Fools! Don't they know that space is DANGEROUS?

Your skills are needed in the Intergalactic Space Rescue service, where you will make space a safer place for travellers by locating stricken starships to rescue their crew and passengers. Navigation in the 1,000 uncharted sectors is difficult and you'll need all your abilities to complete your important mission.

You need to explore the sector of space as you go along, using the strength of the stricken starship's distress signal as a guide. You have limited fuel capacity, and you should try to avoid asteroids, through which careful navigation saps extra fuel, and hyperspaces, large wormholes which throw you out of your way. Planets, on the other hand, are a source of fuel.

Early in your career, you'll be sent on the easier missions in which location and approach to the shipwreck can be straightforward. As you progress, though, your missions will become more and more challenging. Once you have succeeded in the final mission, you will be awarded a well-deserved retirement.

Released 21st January 2013, available here.


Civilisation in the ancient world was always under threat from outsiders who. though primitive, coveted the riches that their more advanced neighbours amassed. Disorganised tribesmen were usually no match for the heavily-defended cities and their shrewd generals, but, on rare occasions, a gifted individual would unite the warriors and rouse them to a common purpose. Then, the kings, the patriarchs, the farmers and the merchants would have cause to tremble before the approach of the Barbarians!

Barbarians is a game of strategy for one player, running on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. You take the lead of a civilised league of twelve cities at the very time the barbarians are entering the land. Your task is to raise armies and send them against the advancing hordes, and you will not rest until every last one is wiped out. While this is going on, you have to manage your empire's economy.

Every game is different. A map is generated at random, and your empire might be inland, on the coast, an isthmus or a peninsula, or it might instead be on an island. You may rule over flat, featureless plains, or mountainous or heavily wooded areas. The terrain of your country will dictate the availability of resources and the economics of your campaign. You'll need to trade for resources that your empire lacks.

Released 24th December 2012, available here.

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