Intergalactic Space Rescue for the ZX81

Gaál Zsolt has ported Intergalactic Space Rescue to the ZX81! If you have a ZX81 equipped with the WRX high-resolution graphics, or a ZX81 emulator that supports the expansion, you can download a ZIP archive containing the tape and the modified source code from the Intergalactic Space Rescue page on this site.

Zsolt started this project from a discussion on the Development forum of with a conversion to run under Spectrum emulation on the ZX81 (yes, a suitably-equipped ZX81 can emulate a Spectrum). Now this project has blossomed into a native ZX81 game which contains all the elements of the Spectrum original.

See the old version and the new back-to-back in Zsolt's YouTube video:

Wednesday, 17th April 2013

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