Ossuary: a new game for the ZX Spectrum

Today the ZX Spectrum has another game in its library: Ossuary. Descend into an underground burial complex to rid it of the necromancer who has taken up home there, much to the annoyance of the local villagers who still want to use it to inter their dead. Work your way down through 24 levels of monsters and treasure to reach your enemy. Nobody has made it yet. Nor, probably, will you.

You'll have to deal with natural creatures that the necromancer has changed out of all proportion with his magical powers, from giant bats to scaly serpents. And of course there'll be the undead: bodies raised from their eternal rest, and spirits summoned from the world beyond. But you will find weapons and other things to help you on your quest, if you survive long enough. And treasure. Lots of treasure.

Ossuary is a "rogue-like" game, a turn-based dungeon hack adventure that does not rely on fast reflexes, but gives you time to consider your next move. It works on any Spectrum from the original 16k model upwards, and on any system that can run a Spectrum emulator - that might include your phone! Download it from the game's own page.

Monday, 18th March 2013

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