Play Cyningstan Games On-line

A new feature has been added to the Cyningstan web site. Our games can now be played here on-line, right in your desktop web browser! On each game's own page there is a new panel, in which an embedded Spectrum emulator now loads the game for you and allows you to try it out without any download or game installation necessary.

To use this feature, your desktop browser will need to have Java enabled. It will also need to have a big enough screen resolution to show the embedded game adequately in the web page. The emulator features joystick control: just use the cursor keys and the CTRL key on your keyboard.

Performance may not be the same as a real ZX Spectrum or an emulator application installed on your desktop computer or mobile device. And you won't be able to save your progress within the game. But it should be adequate to give the game a trial run before deciding whether to download it or not. Please note that in some browsers you will have to clear your cache, if you have visited this site before.

This feature is powered by the QAOP emulator, written by Jan Bobrowski. If you want to investigate QAOP further, please visit Jan's own QAOP page at

Sunday, 24th March 2013

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